Homeopathy for Skin Treatments

It is with our skin we present ourselves to the world……and we can not change our skin. Skin reflects our nature externally……in a very simple way, it serves as a reflective surface for all our internal organs. Every disturbance of those organs is projected into the skin, and every stimulation of the corresponding skin area is transmitted back inwards to the organ in question.

The skin not only reveals our internal organic state on and within it but also all our psychological processes and reactions.

Hair Treatment

when we say baldness, we do not mean the male pattern baldness or the androgenic baldness. In such cases, we can only reduce hair fall. But in other cases, the homeopathic medicines for hair fall not only treat the symptoms ie the hair fall but also cure the systemic problems that are the root cause of the hair fall. In case the bald spots are happening due to fungal infections, the homeopathic medicines eradicate the fungus completely and the hair grows back on their own completely naturally.

Female Diseases

At every stage of life, she experiences various physical, mental, emotional changes which are natural. Hormones play a major contributing factor in all this. Anything which disturbs this leads to various disease conditions. Treating these diseases conditions with various chemicals and hormones makes the case worst. Homeopathy believes in individualistic approach towards the patient and most gentle way to treat disease hence has become more popular treatment amongst female. Near about 75% of the people who opt for homeopathic treatment are females.
It is best suited for patients of dysmenorrheal ( menstrual cramps), pubertal acne, premenstrual irritation, infertility, leucorrhea, pre and post pregnancy treatment, repeated abortions, PCOD, uterine fibroids, menopause, etc.